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The knife is a nifty little visual, sure, but there’s a slight problem.

This is not a D.


It is an eth.


A D with a slash through it is an eth. And an eth makes a “th” sound. What does that mean?

That means I’m playing Thragon Age.

My brave Warden is a Thalish elf.

Trained under the tutelage of Thuncan.

Venturing across Ferelden to fight Tharkspawn.

Helping out the Thwarves.

Going to Thenerim.

On a mission to kill the Arch Themon.

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oboesaurus-strikes-again asked: So I have to ask, I love red lipstick ad yours is great, but I can never find one that stays on/doesn't need reapplied every hour at school? Any suggestions?recommendations?


Hello darling! I do hope you don’t mind me publicly answering this, I’m just extremely passionate about red lipstick (literally everyone looks kickass in it im dead serious) and love talking about it! My lipstick tricks are pretty simple, as I’m afraid I’m something of a makeup novice and also really cheap when it comes to makeup, but I hope these can help you regardless!

1. While all lipsticks will, eventually, wear off, there are some that wipe off easier than others. Do some research, both online and in person, to see if you can find a good brand that seems to last the longer- my personal year-round fave is Kate Moss Lasting Matte lipstick in 117 “Everlasting Kiss”, which you can get for under $6 at p. much any drugstore. It’s my fave and super amazing and a fab matte lipstick, all for under $6

2. Take care of your lips! A lot of people don’t realize that lips are, in fact, skin, and require exfoliation and moisturizing just as much as the rest of our bodies. This sounds like a lot of work, but it’s really so simple as this: after brushing your teeth in the morning/at night, rinse your toothbrush and gently rub it on your lips to help scrape away dead skin cells. Apply a lipbalm or chapstick and go to bed or let dry before applying your lipstick for the day.

3. Last, but certainly most importantly: Get a lip liner. Get a good lipliner, whose color is similar to that of your preferred lipstick. Outline your lips like this, and loosely fill in the rest of your lips. This gives you a solid base coat, along with giving your lips way more definition and a cleaner look (red lipstick can look super messy without a well-defined outline). Even if you eat a double-bacon cheeseburger and get red lipstick on your nose AND your chin, you’ll still have some color on your lips thanks to the liner. 

All of these tips should help prevent the lipstick from wiping off too easily! If you try and it’s still not working, the texture of the lipstick itself might be an issue- the shinier it is, the oilier lipsticks tend to be, making it easier for them to wipe off. All the same, I dearly hope that any of these suggestions help make your lipstick life easier, and that I get to see pictures of your fab self in kickass lipstick sometime soon!<3